Internship: Engineering


Blue Origin interns participate in real engineering design projects related to the development and fabrication of human space flight systems. Interns work directly with our engineers to contribute to project goals in fields of mechanical design, fluids, aerodynamics, rocket propulsion, flight controls, electronics, avionics, enterprise software, flight software, human safety, structures, and systems engineering.
Current graduate and undergraduate students in engineering are invited to apply for this 10 to 15-week program. Internships are available year-round and correlate to the Spring, Summer, and Fall academic calendars. Opportunities are available at our headquarters in Kent, Washington, in addition to our facilities in West Texas and Cape Canaveral, Florida. Our interns receive housing and a competitive compensation package including travel reimbursement. Applications require one letter of recommendation which must be submitted by the deadline. Deadlines are as follows: Summer is January 31, Fall is May 1, and Spring is October 1. For additional information, please see our website
Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be a United States citizen or permanent resident alien. Students must also be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program and have at least one semester of school remaining after the internship. Students who have obtained a junior or higher academic standing by the start of the internship are preferred.