Vehicle Manager


DESCRIPTION:  As part of a unique and highly-skilled team, you’ll responsible for the acceptance, operations, maintenance, configuration control, risk assessment and readiness of completed flight vehicles for mission operations.  Your responsibilities will cut across vehicle architecture, systems, people and sites. Assigned to the launch operations element lead, you’ll manage a specific flight element and support complete vehicle launch operations from readying the vehicle, to day of launch efforts to recovery and turnaround O&M.
  • Accept completed vehicle condition at Vehicle Preship Readiness Reviews prior to delivery
  • Responsible for all aspects of the vehicle upon delivery including, configuration control, maintenance, and systems preflight test
  • Identify and clear constraints (discrepancies, changes and, open work) to support launch operations
  • Own Vehicle Specific Master Launch Procedures
  • Continuous improvement and knowledge capture of vehicle operations
  • Identify and track recurring vehicle maintenance and inspections in the Preventative Maintenance System
  • Prepare vehicle per flight test plan and flight test request as defined by the Mission Manager
  • Represent vehicle status and readiness at Mission Scope Reviews, Mission Readiness Reviews, and Final Flight Readiness Reviews – provide go/no-go recommendation for vehicle
  • Coordinate all on-vehicle work, either in person on site or by delegation
  • Flow manager of vehicle pre-launch and post-flight operations, maintenance and configuration upgrades
  • Ensure adequate vehicle consumables and spares to support mission requirements
  • Ensure GSE and tooling are available and ready for use
  • Support Engineering Lead during flight operations
  • Support post flight/operations data reviews
  • Author vehicle specific pre-launch procedures, and assist training staff to perform procedures
  • Manage vehicle risk and safety with mission management team
  • Minimum of a B.S. degree in engineering
  • Previous responsibility for and experience with aircraft or rocket maintenance and operations in the field
  • Strong project coordination and management skills and ability to track, manage and prioritize multiple simultaneous tasks and jobs.
  • Excellent computer skills with the ability to use a variety of management and planning software tools, including the ability to rapidly learn new software tools, as required
  • A proven track record of working in multiple disciplines, and leading a diverse multi-disciplinary team
  • Proven communication skills and the ability to build strong working relationships within the organization
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien 
  • Experience maintaining or operating pneumatic, hydraulic, electronics and control systems
  • Experience maintaining or operating cryogenic systems, including liquid oxygen systems
  • Familiarity with typical aerospace vehicle pressure system and structure manufacturing technologies
  • Experience developing, writing and updating operating procedures
  • Experience with developing and executing a preventative maintenance system