New Glenn Delivers

Introducing New Glenn, a major step toward achieving our vision of millions of people living and working in space. Featuring a fully reusable first stage, New Glenn will carry people and payloads routinely to Earth orbit.


2-Stage Rocket

7-M Fairing

New Glenn features more than twice the payload volume of any 5-meter class commercial launch system.

Second Stage

Powered by a re-ignitable BE-4U, the second stage is optimized for operations in the vacuum of space.


2-stage New Glenn can lift 13 metric tons to GTO and 45 metric tons to LEO.


With seven reusable BE-4 liquid oxygen, liquefied natural gas engines, the first stage generates 17,100 kN of thrust (3.85 million lbs.).


3-Stage Rocket


Our BE-3U liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen upper stage engine propels the third stage.


Unique aerodynamic control surfaces provide maximum lift and cross range for controlled first stage reentry and landings.

Powered by Reusability

New Glenn offers unrivaled lift to low earth and geostationary orbits with seven BE-4 engines powering a reusable first stage.

Reusable engines

Flight Profile

New Glenn lifts off from Launch Complex 36 at Cape Canaveral. Following stage separation, the first stage flies back to Earth and lands on a moving ship 650 km (350 nmi) downrange. The second stage engine ignites and the 7-meter fairing separates. The mission is complete when the satellite is delivered safely to orbit.

Demonstration of the flight profile

21st Century Manufacturing & Launch Complex

​Blue Origin is constructing a state-of-the-art facility to build, integrate and launch New Glenn on Florida’s Space Coast.

Facility rendering 1
Facility rendering 2
Facility rendering 3