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Become an Astronaut

Unparalleled Views Of The Earth from Space

Experience the overview effect firsthand when you fly to space on board New Shepard. At the apex of your 11-minute flight, you will float above the thin limb of the atmosphere and gaze upon the Earth below.

The Experience

Space for Six Astronauts Aboard the Crew Capsule

Sitting atop a 60-foot-tall rocket in a capsule designed for six people, you’ll listen to the countdown and then feel the engine ignite and rumble under you as you climb through the atmosphere. Accelerating to more than Mach 3 and experiencing forces equal to three times Earth’s gravitational force, you will count yourself as one of the few who have reached these speeds and crossed the Kármán line, the internationally recognized line of space. You will then return to Earth as the capsule's parachutes deploy for a gentle landing back in the West Texas desert.

You Won't Miss A Thing

The Largest Windows in Space

Our New Shepard capsule features the largest windows in spaceflight history. These windows make up a third of the capsule, immersing you in the vastness of space and life-changing views of our blue planet. Each window is made of multiple layers of fracture-tough transparencies, designed to provide crystal clarity of the incredible views before you. Minimizing distortion and reflection, the windows transmit 92% of visible light – as good as glass.

Inside New Shepard

Every Seat's A Window Seat

New Shepard’s capsule interior is an ample 530 cubic feet — offering over 10 times the room Alan Shepard had on his Mercury flight. Enough room for you to do somersaults and float freely during your zero-g experience at the top of your flight. Every astronaut will take in the unparalleled views from the largest windows in space. Every seat is a window seat.


Experience Weightlessness

As the main engine cuts off, your capsule will separate from its booster and perfect stillness will surround you. You’ll release your harness and experience the freedom of weightlessness. Now you can enjoy the view of the Earth's curvature and reflect as you experience the overview effect first hand.

Soft Landing

A Classic Parachute Landing

The crew capsule descends under parachutes for a safe and smooth landing, in the same way as the earliest space pioneers. Three independent parachutes provide redundancy, while a retro-thrust system further cushions your landing.


New Shepard crew capsule, July 18, 2018, prior to a safe landing on Mission 9 where the escape motor was fired in-flight.

Focus On Safety

Full-Envelope Escape System

From the time the hatch door closes until the capsule separates from the booster near apogee, escape is an option if needed. Drawing from the lessons of Mercury and Apollo, this is known as “full-envelope” escape. The New Shepard escape system is built around a solid rocket motor that provides 311 kN (70,000 lbs) of thrust in a two-second burn, so the capsule can quickly move away from any hazard.
T - 2 Days
Arrival in West Texas

Two days before your flight, you’ll travel with your guests to the New Shepard launch site in the beautiful high desert plains. The area’s isolation lends clarity and focus as you prepare for the experience of a lifetime.

T - 1 Day

The day before launch, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make the most of your experience as an astronaut. The active and fun day-long session will help you feel comfortable and prepared for spaceflight and your responsibilities as an astronaut.

Training includes mission and vehicle overviews, in-depth safety briefings, mission simulation and instruction on your in-flight activities such as operational procedures, communications and maneuvering in a weightless environment.

T - 30 Minutes
The Morning Of

As the sun rises over the launch site, we’ll complete final pre-launch checks and clear you for flight. Anticipation mounting, you’ll ascend the launch tower step-by-step to the rocket, climb through the hatch and prepare for countdown. After you’re strapped in, you’ll receive final clearance to launch and conduct a final communications and readiness check.

The Main Event – Spaceflight

The combined capsule and booster will launch vertically from the launchpad. You’ll accelerate, experiencing over 3 Gs for 150 seconds before the booster engine cuts off, and the vehicle glides into space. You’ll communicate with Mission Control about altitude, speed, time and G force as the Earth retreats through your window.

As the sky fades to black and you coast into space, a perfect silence will surround you. Your capsule will separate from the booster, and you’ll receive clearance to release your harness. You’ll marvel in weightless freedom and lose yourself in breathtaking views through the largest windows in spaceflight history. Having crossed over the Kármán Line into space, you will have earned your astronaut wings.

Beyond Your Flight

Your journey is hardly over at landing. We’ll help you capture and remember your experience with high-definition videos, pictures, and mementos from your flight. You can share these with friends and family for a lifetime. You’ll also belong to an exclusive Blue Origin alumni network – a community of modern space pioneers. Make history with a suborbital flight, and you will receive early access to purchase tickets for our future orbital missions.


Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle successfully flew to space before executing a historic landing back at the launch site in West Texas.

Become an Astronaut

Unparalleled Views Of The Earth from Space

Experience the overview effect firsthand when you fly to space on board New Shepard. At the apex of your 11-minute flight, you will float above the thin limb of the atmosphere and gaze upon the Earth below.