New Shepard is a fully reusable rocket launching a new generation of astronauts.

The Flight

Launch to space on a rocket

Named for Alan Shepard, the first U.S. astronaut, New Shepard launches from the high West Texas desert. On your 11-minute flight, you'll travel over 3X the speed of sound to pass the Kármán Line at 100 km (62 mi), float weightless for several minutes, and witness life-changing views of Earth before descending gently under parachutes.

The Rocket

A fully reusable booster

New Shepard is 100% reusable and fully autonomous. The booster and capsule are designed to launch more than 25 times. The high-performing engine runs clean with water vapor as the only exhaust, and no carbon emissions.

The Capsule

See Earth from your own epic window seat

With room for six astronauts, the spacious and pressurized cabin is climate-controlled for your comfort. Every passenger gets their own window seat for unprecedented views of Earth. The windows comprise over one third of the capsule's surface area.

Flight Training

Fully train for flight in just two days

While onsite you'll learn everything you need for a safe and life-changing space flight. You and your crew will meet the rocket up close, experience missions in the capsule simulator, and learn about safety and zero-g protocols for your weightless journey. 

West Texas

Your journey begins at Launch Site One

Nestled in the Guadalupe Mountains, two hours east of El Paso, Launch Site One sits on the historic Figure 2 Ranch near Van Horn, Texas. You and your crew will stay onsite at the Astronaut Village. Spectacular sunrises, sunsets, and stargazing abound. This is where your dreams of reaching space will become a reality.

Commitment to Safety

22 successful flights, 22 safe landings

Blue Origin has been flight testing the New Shepard rocket and its triple-redundant safety systems since 2012. The program has had 22 successful consecutive missions including three successful capsule escape tests, demonstrating the crew escape system can activate safely in any phase of flight.

What Astronauts Say

Hear what it's like from our astronauts

New Shepard has launched both the oldest and youngest people ever to go to space, William Shatner and Oliver Daemen. Hear from Oliver as he recalls his life changing experience aboard New Shepard. 

It's your time.
Join the new generation of astronauts.