Blue Origin

We're committed to building a road to space so our children can build the future.


For the Benefit of Earth

Blue Origin was founded with a vision of millions of people living and working in space for the benefit of Earth. Blue Origin envisions a time when people can tap into the limitless resources of space and enable the movement of damaging industries into space to preserve Earth, humanity’s blue origin. 


Increase Access to Space Through Reusable Rockets

Blue Origin is working today to create that future by developing reusable launch vehicles and in-space systems that are safe, low cost, and serve the needs of all civil, commercial, and defense customers. Blue Origin’s efforts include flying astronauts to space on New Shepard, producing reusable liquid rocket engines, developing an orbital launch vehicle with New Glenn, building next-generation space habitats, and returning to the surface of the Moon. These endeavors will add new chapters to the history of spaceflight and move all of humanity closer to that founding vision.


Safety, Blue Origin's Top Mission

Blue Origin has been flight testing the New Shepard rocket and its redundant safety systems since 2012. The program has had 22 successful consecutive missions including three successful escape tests, showing the crew escape system can activate safely in any phase of flight.


Operational Reusability

True operational reusability is the only way to lower the cost of access to space. Both New Shepard and New Glenn have been designed with reusability in mind from the beginning. Their vertical take-off, vertical landing architecture enables us to reuse the first stage of our launch vehicles 25 times with minimal refurbishment, resulting in 25 times less waste because we don’t throw the hardware away. Both vehicles have throttleable liquid fueled engines that allow for precision landing back on the landing platform. This allows for high asset utilization for all our vehicles which decreases the costs and increases availability for our customers.


The Perfection of Flight

The Blue Origin feather is a symbol of the perfection of flight. It represents freedom, exploration, mobility and progress. For thousands of years, we humans have been looking up at the birds and wondering what it would be like to fly. Now, we look up to the stars and pursue a bright future for all of us.

Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos poses with kids wearing Club for the Future t-shirts in front of the Blue Moon lunar lander.


Club for the Future

Founded by Blue Origin in 2019, Club for the Future is a foundation whose mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM and to help invent the future of life in space. The Club and its collaborators are doing this through Postcards to Space, space-focused curriculum, and access to space on Blue Origin’s rockets.


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