The side profile of a Blue Origin employee wearing a hoodie shows them smiling at a laptop screen with their hands on the keyboard.

Avionics Software Engineers

Avionics Software Engineers write the code that powers Blue Origin rockets.

At Blue Origin, avionics software engineers work on a variety of projects and are exposed to the latest company developments. Avionics software engineers work on software requirements, architecture, design, implementation, and verification of the flight software that brings groundbreaking products to life. Avionics software engineers partner closely with electrical and mechanical engineers and are given the freedom to be creative as they develop software systems and solve complex problems.

A man with hair pulled back stands with his arms crossed, smiling, in a hoodie with the Blue Origin feather logo.
Blue Origin's feather logo

I am supported by my coworkers to improve my own knowledge and expertise. I'm constantly learning from my passionate team and use those experiences to mentor others.

Nathan Ranno | Avionics Software Application Engineer

Blue Origin has locations across the U.S. and is flexible on location for this position.