A Blue Origin employee wearing safety glasses and a gray sweatshirt adjusts machinery.

Fluid Systems Engineers

Fluid Systems Engineers design fluid-based mechanical systems necessary for the operation of space vehicles.

At Blue Origin, fluid systems engineers work on cryogenic propellant storage and feed systems, high-pressure gas transport, and the regulation and supply networks, which provide the conduits and components that are the life support systems for space vehicles and travelers. Fluid systems engineers are hands-on and provide input during the entire design life cycle. Blue Origin hires fluid systems engineers from a variety of backgrounds and industries, including oil, nuclear, medical equipment, and the automotive industry. Blue Origin engineers are smart, creative, and empowered to succeed.

A man in glasses wearing a polo shirt with a Blue Origin feather logo stands with his arms crossed in front of his chest.
Blue Origin's feather logo

Here at Blue, you count on your friends and peers at all levels to be there for a sanity check or insight. That is what Blue is to me: one team, with a really hard job, all working together.

Wayne Rudisaile | Technical Fellow, New Glenn Fluid Systems

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