Blue Origin Machinists transform metal for spaceflight.

At Blue Origin, machinists forge blueprint specifications into precision parts. They determine the best method to produce a part, and then they make it. They are decision-makers and select the appropriate cutting tools, attachments, and accessories to be used on a variety of CNC machines. Machinists at Blue use mechanical, mathematical, and blueprint interpretation skills every day. As a potter does to clay, a machinist does to metal: forming, shaping, cutting, trimming, and finishing to exact precision.

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As someone who made a complete career change when coming to Blue, I have never felt more at home.

Rylee Brown | Tooling Coordinator: Machine Shop

Tour Blue Origin's Alabama Engines Factory

It was an honor to host Titans of CNC for a tour of our engine machining capabilities in Huntsville, AL.

This position is available at Blue Origin state-of-the-art locations across the country.