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New Shepard Payloads

Affordable Access to Space

New Shepard Payloads

Designed With Researchers In Mind

New Shepard offers flights to space over 100 km and accommodations for payloads both inside our comfortable cabin or with direct exposure to the space environment. With about 3 minutes of high-quality microgravity, the cabin is ideal for microgravity physics, gravitational biology, technology demonstrations, and educational programs. Payloads adjacent to the largest windows in space or mounted on the outside of the vehicle can perform world-class Earth, atmospheric, and space science research.

Our frequent flight schedule will allow you to launch your experiment multiple times to iterate on findings, improve statistics, or rapidly collect data. As human flights begin, you’ll also be able to fly with your payloads for hands-on experimentation.

From academic research and corporate technology development to educational payloads and entrepreneurial ventures, our private platform offers unparalleled access to space.

Contact us about your payload and learn about preparing it for spaceflight. Inside the cabin, we can readily accommodate experiments from small NanoLabs up to 100 kg (225 lb), with custom solutions available for larger payloads. As described in our Payload User’s Guide below, these payloads are supported by our unique avionics system and software, including flight-ready:

  • Robust control systems
  • Scientific Cameras
  • Data storage
  • Electrical power
  • Vehicle telemetry
  • Integrated avionics and desktop software for programming in your lab, so you can develop and implement complex experiments faster than ever before
Our Products

For Experiments In the Cabin, We’ve Developed Standard Interfaces In Three Sizes

  • Single Payload Locker

    Interior dimensions:
    52.3 x 41.4 x 24.1 cm
    (20.6 x 16.3 x 9.5 in)

    Payload Mass:
    11.34 kg (25 lb) payload mass

    26 +/- 4 VDC
    200 W peak power
    Telemetry via Ethernet/USB
    Flight-ready DAQ system

  • Double Payload Locker

    Interior dimensions:
    52.3 x 41.4 x 45.7 cm
    (20.6 x 16.3 x 18.0 in)

    Payload Mass:
    22.68 kg (50 lb) payload mass

    26 +/- 4 VDC
    200 W peak power
    Telemetry via Ethernet/USB
    Flight-ready DAQ system

  • Nanolab

    Exterior dimensions:
    10 x 10 x 20 cm
    (4 x 4 x 8 in)

    Payload Mass:
    0.5 kg (1.1 lb) total mass

    5 VDC
    4.5 W peak power
    Telemetry via USB

Inside the Capsule

Standardized Stacks Provide Easy Payload Support

The Crew Capsule is designed to accommodate up to six payload stacks with as many as 36 individual Payload Lockers. Future flights will replace some of these stacks with seats to support human-tended payload flights, allowing researchers to conduct their own hands-on work in space.


NanoLabs Provide Access to Space For Students

For less than the price of new football uniforms, schools around the world are now developing their own space programs. From STEM outreach with younger kids to graduate level research, our student NanoLabs offer a uniquely affordable way to access space.

Payload Integration Provided by NanoRacks.

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Get in touch with us to fly a payload or check out our detailed guide, which includes interfaces, environments and operations for in-cabin payloads.