Payloads on New Shepard

Designed for Researchers

New Shepard offers room for payloads inside our crew capsule or with direct exposure to the space environment. This includes several minutes of high-quality microgravity, lunar-G, or partial-G, access to the Kármán Line, and safe return.


Payloads for R&D

From fluid physics and gravitational biology to high-altitude science and space-as-a-technology testbed, New Shepard serves a wide community of researchers.

New Shepard next to the launch tower at the moment of ignition. Fiery exhaust expels from the bottom of the booster. Blue sky appears in the background.


Payloads for Business

New Shepard's versatile platform enables customers to rapidly prove out concepts and reduce risk.


Standardized Stacks for Easy Payload Support

The crew capsule is designed to accommodate up to six payload stacks with as many as 36 individual payload lockers.

A diagram of the interior of New Shepard's crew capsule.



Payloads are supported by custom avionics and software, including flight-ready solutions for robust control systems, data storage, electrical power, and vehicle telemetry. Integrated avionics and desktop software enable rapid development and implementation of complex experiments.

Payload Offerings

  • Single Locker

  • Double Locker

  • Full Stack

  • External Propulsion Module

  • Partial-G Mission

Request a Payload User's Guide

Contact us to request a PUG or discuss custom interfaces to meet your needs.