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Gradatim Ferociter

Step by Step, Ferociously

We are not in a race, and there will be many players in this human endeavor to go to space to benefit Earth. Blue's part in this journey is building a road to space with our reusable launch vehicles, so our children can build the future. We will go about this step by step because it is an illusion that skipping steps gets us there faster. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

Launch. Land. Repeat.

Decreased Costs, Increased Access

True operational reusability is the only way to lower the cost of access to space. Both New Shepard and New Glenn have been designed with reusability in mind from the beginning - not as an afterthought. Our vertical take off, vertical landing architecture enables us to reuse the first stage of our launch vehicles with minimal refurbishment. Our throttleable liquid fueled engines allow for precision landing back on the landing platform. This allows for high asset utilization for all our vehicles which decreases the costs and increases availability for our customers. We believe rockets should operate more like an airplane and not be thrown away after one use.


Blue Origin’s New Shepard booster executes a controlled vertical landing at 4.2 mph.

Safety & Reliability

The More We Fly The Better We Get

Safety and reliability are paramount. Our rigorous test program with New Shepard is putting the vehicle through the paces. We have successfully completed several crew capsule escape tests showing that our astronauts will be safe in any phase of flight. In addition to our test program, our payloads program is driving more flights of the system as we iterate on operations and technology in preparation for human spaceflight. All the learnings from the New Shepard program are being flowed into New Glenn development as we scale up our capabilities to serve the orbital market.


New Shepard crew capsule, July 18, 2018, prior to a safe landing on Mission 9 where the escape motor was fired in-flight.

Our Feather
The Perfection of Flight

The Blue Origin feather is a symbol of the perfection of flight. It represents freedom, exploration, mobility and progress. For thousands of years, we humans have been looking up at the birds and wondering what it would be like to fly. Now, we look up to the stars and pursue a bright future for all of us.

Building the Future

Where Will The Road To Space Take You?

Blue Origin believes that in order to preserve Earth, our home, for our grandchildren’s grandchildren, we must go to space to tap its unlimited resources and energy. Like the Industrial Revolution gave way to trade, economic abundance, new communities and high-speed transportation - our road to space opens to the door to the infinite and yet unimaginable future generations might enjoy. Paving the way starts now.


The same New Shepard booster that flew to space and then landed vertically in November 2015 has now flown and landed again.

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