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Suborbital Spaceflight

Meet New Shepard

Named after Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard, the first American to go to space, New Shepard is our reusable suborbital rocket system designed to take astronauts and research payloads past the Kármán line – the internationally recognized boundary of space. Whether you are an astronaut flying with Blue Origin or sending a payload to space, your 11-minute flight on New Shepard will be the experience of a lifetime.

Your 11-Minute Flight To Space

New Shepard Mission Profile

Sitting atop a 60-foot-tall rocket in a capsule designed for six people, you’ll listen to the countdown and then feel the engine ignite and rumble under you as you climb through the atmosphere. Accelerating to more than Mach 3 and experiencing forces equal to three times Earth’s gravitational force, you will count yourself as one of the few who have reached these speeds and crossed into space. You will then return to Earth as the capsule's parachutes deploy for a gentle landing back in the West Texas desert.

Facts & Figures
  • 110,000 lbf

    The BE-3PM liquid rocket engine has 110,000 lbf (489 kN) of thrust, powering the New Shepard system to space.

  • 92% of visible light

    Made of multiple layers of fracture-tough transparencies, New Shepard windows transmit 92% of visible light – as good as glass.
  • 530 cubic feet

    New Shepard’s capsule interior is an ample 530 cubic feet (15 cubic meters) — offering over 10 times the room Alan Shepard had on his Mercury flight.

  • 26 people

    For operational flights, fewer than 26 people are needed in the control room for each launch.

Become An Astronaut

Unparalleled Views Of The Earth from Space

Experience the overview effect firsthand when you fly to space on board New Shepard. At the apex of your 11-minute flight, you will float above the thin limb of the atmosphere and gaze upon the Earth below.

Send Something to Space With Blue

Fly Your Research and Technology

Whether you are a school who wants your own space program for the cost of sports uniforms or you're a researcher or entrepreneur using microgravity for your technology - New Shepard is enabling low cost and frequent access to space for you.


New Shepard payload customers at the landing site after Mission 8.


The same New Shepard booster that flew to space and then landed vertically in November 2015 has now flown and landed again.

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